SPCA, Lorain County

SPCA is a NO kill shelter operating since 1974
Interested in adopting a rescue friend?

Ask yourself, "Are you ready to accept the physical, financial and emotional responsibility for one?" If so.........

First step: Contact us either by phone or email to obtain an adoption questionnaire.
Or.........print the Adoption Questionnaire form shown below, fill it out, tell us which animal you are interested in, and then mail it to the address shown on the form.   (Note:  If you have Adobe Reader Vers. 9 or above, you can fill out the form, save it to your computer, then attach it to an email to the SPCA@Windstream.Net.)
The information that you provide on the questionaire will help our Adoption Committee find the best possible match between the animal and your family.
Second step: Vet check - you provide your veterinarians name and phone number. Plus you will need to contact them, giving them permission to release your information.
Third step: Arrange to come to our shelter to ‘meet and greet’ the friend you are interested in. Bring your family and even your dog. This allows everyone to get to know each other.
If the adoption is approved by our Adoption Commmittee, and of course the rescue friend, adoption papers are filled out, fees paid, and a new friend has joined your family. The adoption fee includes spay/neuter, shots, worming, and rabies.

You can be sure that the needs of our animals come first!
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