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Happy Tails! 
Our Animals that have found forever homes:

Buck loves his new home.

Here is a picture of Bronie at the grand opening of the new dog park at the Renaissance Nursing Home.

Stories from folks who adopted our animals.
Meet Calab.  He was adopted in July, 2013. His new family has commented:
We really adore our newly adopted kitten. He is so sweet. We call him the energized kitty as he has a never ending desire to run and play.
Meet Milo.  He was adopted in March, 2013.  His new owner has commented:
A few months ago I adopted Milo from the Elyria Petsmart. I love him so much, he is my best friend!
Meet Sid.  He was adopted in March, 2013.  His new family has commented:
Sid is a sweet, kindhearted, gentle soul. He fits right into our family. Rides great in car, housebroken, great on leash, dresses up, very tolerant of grooming and bathing... He's just the best dog ever! Love him!!!!

Meet Buddy.  He was adopted in January, 2008.  His new owner has commented: 
Buddy is a blessing to our family.  I try to take him to Camp Bow Wow in Strongsville about once a month for him to get his exercise.  Boy, does he love that!  He comes home and sleeps for a day!  He gets along so well with all the other dogs.
I had my grandbabies here this week and Buddy was so sweet with them.  He would walk by and give them a "lick" (doggie kiss).  I wish I could have gotten a picture of him giving them kisses!
Thank you for allowing us to bring Buddy into our family.
Meet Diablo.  He was adopted in December, 2008.  His new owner has commented:
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Diablo is already 115 lbs.! – what a big boy!  We call him our “gentle giant” – we couldn’t have asked for a better match for our Raven or for our family.  I’ll send a recent photo soon – you won’t believe the size of this guy!  It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we adopted him!  Thank you!
Meet Nugget.  He was adopted in December, 2008.  His new owner has commented:
Nugget is doing fine . She has gained 15 pounds since last summer.  She is now almost 49 lbs.  She loves going to the Lakewood dog park . Her best friend is a prison dog from the Lima prison . His name is Shamus.  They play like they were from the same litter .
Meet Gracie.  She was adopted in January, 2010.  Her new owner has commented:
We adopted Gracie nearly 4 months ago, and we can't thank you enough.  Gracie has brought so much joy into our home, she is truly a blessing! 
Meet Bentley.  He was adopted in May, 2010.  His new owners have commented:
Just wanted to let you know that things are going great with Bentley!  He's getting better with new people slowly but surely.  He's definitely learned his way around the house and yard and has discovered how much more comfortable our bed is than his!!  We're loving him so much and we're so grateful he's a part of our family now.
Meet Harley.  He was adopted in June, 2010.  His new owners have commented:
Harley is doing well in his new home, making exciting strides every day.  He loves keeping track of the whole family.  He loves to play ball outside and having His belly rubbed.
Meet Doolin.  He was adopted in December, 2010.  His new owners have commented:
Just wanted to say Thank You for recommending Doolin.  He has adjusted very quickly and is becoming a very spoiled pooch.  Take a look at the attached photo after his grooming session.  
Meet Joey (aka Rambo).  He was adopted in December, 2010.  His new owners have commented:
We adopted Joey about 1 month ago and he has been an absolute joy from day 1.  He has seemlessly fit right in with our family.  He is eating like a champ.  Joey is such a cuddlebug, always right by our side or laying on our laps.  He loves our other dog, a Yorkie and our 5 year old son.  They're all best buddies.  Thanks again, Joey is a wonderful addition to our family.
Meet Lacey.  She was adopted in December, 2011.  Her new owners have commented:
Here is a picture of Lacey in her forever home. So glad I found her. I absolutely adore her. She is coming around, has been exposed to my whole family and has been the best girl! She has gained her weight and filled out nicely. Loves walks in her new coat. I don't believe anyone ever played with her as she has no interest in toys that I have bought her. I've tried, but she doesn't engage but is happy otherwise. 


Meet Aries and Victor.  The were adopted in February, 2012.  Their new owners have commented:
Thank you so very much for your help in adopting Aries and Victor!  They are making an easy adjustment to their new home.  They are eating well and going outside with no accidents in the house as of yet.  They slept well in their cage in our bedroom.  They are very loving and follow us everywhere.  They like their walks and walk well on the leash.  They are happiest when they are laying on our lap or we are holding them.  We love them already!  Thanks again. 
Meet Ali.  She was adopted in March, 2012.  Her new owner has commented:
'Ali' is enjoying her new home. Since one of 'Ali's' new human friend has the same name, she got the new name Clementine. Clementine already knows her name and loves her new life in Columbus. She has already made so many new doggie friends and has become attached at the hip to me! She is a great dog and I am so happy I was able to give her her forever home!
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